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I attended a home & garden show a few weeks ago. I had no idea I would even buy a mop, I was looking forward to buy garden items. I watched a man demo free mop and he had several women try it out all around me. They seem to struggle moving it around with one hand but the mop was cleaning the floor, he mentioned it would be easier with two. He asked if there were any questions and I jumped right up with can I try it.

I had my cane in one hand and took the mop in my other hand. I do so much with one hand and mopping is something I can't do any more. I was running this mop all over the floor in several directions. My husband was very surprised when I replied with I NEED one of these. We bought the free mop right away. The next day I managed to mop my entire Kitchen in under 10 minutes and never moved so much as a chair. I now mop once a week and feel good about myself that I can do something without help and that my kitchen floor is clean.

I love my free mop.
Belinda Sullivan

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