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Free From Chemical
Here at we want to continue to educate the world on how to free themselves from chemical & waste. Our products enable everyone to do just that. We recommend using our mop pads, cloths etc. with just water or water with a bit of vinegar. Why? The natural disinfecting agents in vinegar is all you really need to safely clean your home. No residues or dangerous chemicals are being left on your home's surfaces that you, your pets or the people you love walk, run or crawl on. Our products also free you from waste. Waste that includes paper towels, Swiffer sheets and many other unnecessary cleaning solutions. Let our advanced microfiber do the work that those chemicals claim to do for you. It really works, try it today! If you are already using them, we thank you & know you are already enjoying the benefits. Please, tell a friend. They will thank you for it!

Hints For Care
Here are a few hints on how to care for your products: -Always store your advanced microfiber mop with the head up. This prevents any dust bunnies etc. from gathering on your velcro. -For best results, wash your mop pads or cloths with t-shirts, jeans or sheets, NOT with towels or other items that will pill or cause lint. This will help extend the life of your products and allow them to work more efficiently.