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Steam Mop
Replacement Microfiber Pads

The Steam Mop Pad is made from Microfiber, the most efficient cleaning material in the world today. Each pad is designed to last up to 200 wash cycles the equivalent of 2 years (depending on the size of your floor).

Easy to use.

To use the Microfiber pads simply attach them to the bottom of the Steam Mop via the velcro tabs. Ensure that they are attached correctly so that do not come off during use.

When you have completed cleaning your floor simply peel off the pad from the velcro and place it into your washing machine for cleaning. Each pad is rated to last up to 200 wash cycles (or 200 hours depending on the size of your floor). When used in conjunction with the floor glider you will find the Microfiber pad a powerful cleaning tool to have in your arsenal.

Steam Mop Replacement Pads - $9.95 each

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